Thursday, October 8, 2009

What Is A Standard Dilution For Oregano Oil?

A question from Jini: So, question for you then, I see you sell essential oil of oregano (undiluted). Do you happen to know what the standard dilution ratio is for commercial brands of oregano oil – that are cut with olive oil? i.e. in a one ounce bottle, how much essential oregano oil vs. olive oil is there?

Regarding your question, I can give you a rather general response because there are so many variations out there. I have researched my competition in the past but decided to answer your question by simply perusing the first page results from a google search on ‘oregano oil’. Here is what I found:

Two websites offered ‘pure 100% oregano oil’ with one price at about $17 and the other at $93 for 30ml of pure oregano oil. These oils came from different geographical regions and both websites were informative offering accurate data mixed with questionable and debatable information regarding their particular oregano oils.

The other websites listed on the first page of the google search offered diluted product with none of these vendors divulging the ratio of their carrier oil to the essential oil. I have found this to be more the norm than the exception and my simple web search confirmed my observations. Although, I have found vendors that divulge this information in a clear and understandable manner, unfortunately it isn’t typical. I have even written and called oregano oil vendors who didn’t provide clear information on their website. Here are some of those of those responses:

Vendor #1 – “The ration is 75% olive oil and 25% oregano oil”

Vendor #2 – “I don’t know how much olive oil is in the bottle”
Me: “Oh, well is there someone who can provide that information to me?”
Vendor: “No”
Me: Is the owner of the company available?”
Vendor: “You are talking to him”
Me: “Hmmm, so you mean to say you can’t answer my question”
Vendor: ” This product contains 100% pure oregano oil and the carvacrol level is over 80%”
Me: “Yes, but how much olive oil is mixed with the oregano oil?”
Vendor: “I don’t know”
Me: “Thank you for your time, good bye”

Vendor #3 – “Yes, we do mix olive oil with our oregano oil.” They didn’t offer the ratio and I didn’t pursue it further.

So, to answer your question; It just depends who you are purchasing product from. There is a lot of marketing hype out there and along with that hype comes false, misleading and questionable claims. In addition to having to wade through vendor claims, we also need to remember that oregano oil is an agriculture product and thus will vary in quality from year to year and from one geographical region to another. Additionally, the quality of the oil is going to be affected by the distillery and their principles and practices. To conclude, I would suggest you shop around for pure oregano oil and mix it yourself according to your preference after doing your own research.

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  1. how many drops for how much water , using 100% pure oil of oregano